Whether you are a student looking for your first home away from home, or you’re settling into the professional life and looking for that perfect place to call your own. Avtar Properties has something for everyone at budgets to suit your individual needs.


Utility bills

We’ve exclusively partnered with UniHomes to offer our tenants a great all-inclusive package that takes away the hassle of managing utility bills between housemates. Each tenant will pay their own share of the utility bills by Direct Debit to Unihomes on a monthly basis, which means no chasing your housemates for their share.

What does the all-inclusive package include?

The utility package includes gas, electricity, water, internet and a TV licence. You will also be given the option of upgrading to fibre optic internet if this is available in your area.

How does it work?

When you sign the tenancy agreement for one of our properties, you’ll always be given the option of going all-inclusive with UniHomes. We’ll ask you to complete a simple order form which we will then send to UniHomes to get you and your housemates set up and ready for when your tenancy begins.

Have questions?

UniHomes make managing utility bills easy, but if you have a question, you can always visit www.unihomes.co.uk/help-centre to find more information or call the team on
0330 822 0266 or email hello@unihomes.co.uk.

To check out their website: Click Here